You must see a
Total Solar Eclipse
at least once before you die!

I am Canada’s busiest eclipse chaser and this site is dedicated to the most spectacular natural event on Earth:

A Total Solar Eclipse.

Most people will never witness a Total Eclipse in their lifetime – don’t be one of them!

I have witnessed 21 eclipses in 13 countries on 7 continents and I am continuously planning exotic adventures to strange and wonderful places on the Earth to stand in the shadow of the Moon!

Don’t miss out on your chance! Act now to see a Total Solar Eclipse before you die!


Eclipse chasing in Antarctica 2003

Come eclipse chasing right now!

Watch this short documentary film about my life as an eclipse chaser. The film takes us to five total eclipses on five continents in five minutes! It took over eight years to make! If this doesn't convince you - nothing will! For maximum value, turn up the speakers and go full-screen!

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Latest Headlines

Success at 37,000 ft. above the North Sea!

In March this year, eclipse flight out of Germany stuns chasers with never-before-seen views.

Daily Mirror Article March 2015

Be careful what you say to journalists on the phone! Zany blog post from Jasper Hamill at the Mirror about my eclipse chasing.

Total Eclipse in March 2015

I am eclipse chasing right now! My first view of totality from an aircraft at 37,000 ft.

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