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I am fascinated with the universe. I have been obsessed by Total Solar Eclipses ever since 11 July 1991 – the day I first stood in the shadow of the Moon.  On that day I woke up to the reality that life is much more than it seems. The eclipse forced me to break through the two-dimensional barrier known as the sky and peer into a deep, dynamic and powerful universe  – as much a part of me as I am of it.  It was oneness.  An epiphany, a breakthrough, a peak experience. If life is a series of awakenings then this was a big one!  I haven’t been the same since.

Not all eclipse chasers feel the same way.  But we have one thing in common: we love solar eclipses.

Yes.  There is a subculture of eclipse chasers who live on this planet – among us!  We know each other.  We see each other over and over at eclipses, and our lives are dictated by the movements of the solar system.

Since 1991, I have chased eclipses of all kinds to every corner of the globe – from India to Brazil, Antarctica to Libya, Mexico to China.  I have resisted the accumulation of possessions – put off marriage and a family – and valued adventure travel above my career – all to facilitate the lifestyle.  I am constantly planning exotic adventures to stand in the shadow of the Moon and I have a big desire to share the experience! If you haven’t seen one of these things yet you don’t know what you are missing!

As a result of my unconventional lifestyle I live life on the fringe. Whether it is my career as an independent artist or my deep passion for chasing eclipses, everything I do is outside the mainstream. I am heavily into music – cosmology – metaphysics – and art of all kinds. I have gazillions of friends all over the world with whom I share a culture that values celebration, self-expression and creativity first.  When I am not writing or playing guitar you can find me at Burning Man, at a yoga class or speaking about the eclipse experience out in the world.

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This website is my rant on the internet about how you – yes, you –  should see at least one Total Solar Eclipse before you die.  To live your entire life and never realize the full power and beauty of the universe in which you live is not acceptable! Believe me – most people will settle for a mediocre, uninspired, programmatic existence.  Don’t be one of them!  Get pumped! Life is so fleeting!  Waking up to the truth about the universe, the world and yourself is the stuff life is made of.  You need passion, curiosity and a willingness to take risks.  All things that are living inside of you already.

Remember: you are much more than you have been led to believe.

Watch the Media.  Read the Trip Reports.  See what you have been missing.  You have just stumbled across the hidden world of eclipse chasing.  And we want you to join us – at least once!

You must see a Total Solar Eclipse before you die!

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