Total Eclipse of the Moon

Just because I am a total solar eclipse (TSE) junkie doesn’t mean I don’t love total lunar eclipses (TLEs) as well!  They aren’t as spectacular as TSEs but they certainly have a charm all of their own.  They happen at night so they feel quieter, softer somehow – and they can slip in and out of existence without you even noticing.  Whereas a TSE will smack you on the head – a TLE taps you on the shoulder.  Politely.

We don’t often get the best weather for astronomy in Toronto – many of the TLEs in the past 6 or 7 years have been invisible behind the clouds and snow.  But the eclipse on September 27, 2015, was different.  I planned for months.  I prayed for clear skies.  And in the end, I had a choice of 3 great locations to chose from.  But on the day – it was unsettled. Blustery.  I drove away from the city to my friends’ place in the country.  Caroline and Sara are amazing lunar eclipse hosts – and we had a completely magical night out under the stars!

Here are a few video clips –  my best shots from the night.

Total Lunar Eclipse Images – September 27, 2015 from eclipseguy on Vimeo.



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