Part 1: 

My 18th Solar Eclipse Expedition My second successfully-observed Annular Eclipse!

dm in the field1

This is what my Front Row Seat on the Universe looked like in Arizona in May 2012!


The region around Grand Canyon National Park is an ideal eclipse location on the Earth.  Sunny and dry.

10 minute documentary film from this eclipse


DSC00092AThe mystique of the American southwest has always called to me.  This is my first experience in the Grand Canyon, and it did not disappoint!

I decided only a week before to chase this eclipse!  Was saving my dimes for the Total Eclipse in Australia later in the year.  And even though I do nothing but globe-trot to exotic locales – it does get expensive! But I made it happen.  And I was so richly rewarded for doing so.  The documentary film that come out of this expedition is worth every penny it cost me.

Part 2: The Grand Canyon



I’m filming with my new video camera on this trip.  The documentary film I made of this eclipse is a must-see!


The Colorado River is the culprit here!


Eclipse chasers Chris and Liz Malicki.


Photography gets me excited.

Part 3: Sedona




All Sedona, all the time.


This is my eclipse day T!  Only put it on 18 times!  That’s right – it’s the Days Inn in Flagstaff.


Chris Malicki watching the beginning of the eclipse.

Part 4: Annular Eclipse

We chose a very specific GPS location as our observing site this time.  Just inside the southern limit of the eclipse path, we are able to see certain phenomenon not visible from the centre line.  These ‘Baily’s Beads’ occur only when the edge of the Moon grazes the edge of the Sun.

arizona edge path


As the Moon slides across the face of the Sun from bottom right to top left, you can easily see that the Moon’s disc is slightly smaller than the Sun’s.   That’s why today’s eclipse is not Total.


Allan Connery doesn’t miss a second of the action with his pro eclipse viewers!


As the Moon slides upward, it’s clear we are near the edge of the path.  Very exciting!



The super-thin ring of an annular eclipse at the southern edge.  Beads abound where the Moon’s edge grazes the Sun’s at top right. See the film here!

Part 5: Annular Eclipse


Chris gets up close and personal with the annular eclipse through his trusty scope.


The Moon continues its upward climb and breaks the ring.

newspaper shot

The Arizona Republic’s Michael Chow captures this magical image of a few hikers in the right place, at the right time.


Whoohoo!  This is WAY better than golf!


Eclipse chasers May 20, 2012.  Liz Malicki, Chris Malicki, Allan Connery, Val Connery, eclipseguy.


One of my favourite eclipse images of all time.  The still-partially-eclipsed sun setting over the desert horizon.

Tired of the razor-thin superficiality of your existence?  All done with reality shows and fatty foods?  Come eclipse chasing with me.  See where we are going next.

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