Metaphysics of Identity

i love to indulge the spirituality that I’ve developed after a lifetime of chasing solar eclipses around the world. It seems seeking the cosmic without has awakened the cosmic within in my case!

and the metaphysics around identity is one of my favourite topics
its elemental to the spiritual journey

and i love talking about it

so lets do a little metaphysics right now!

(most people bail when you start to talk about metaphysics)

i’m amazed that people don’t know what their spirit is

they think it is something they are supposed to either believe in or not believe in
and the jury’s still out

or they think it is the same as religion

but it’s not

your body is simply a corpse without it

that’s what your spirit is

it is the force of life that gets inside your corpse and props it up making you alive

that is your spirit. that’s all. it is basic.

think about it

what happens when you die?

what do you lose?

consciousness. energy. aliveness. life itself. pick your word.

this stuff exits and leaves your corpse behind

clearly something invisible leaves when you die

you are not your body
now lying lifeless on the ground

so … what were you?

you are the part that got away

in all truth
what you are
is in fact
the invisible part

that is your spirit

this is the big revelation for identity

what you are
is in fact
the invisible part

and I know so few people who know themselves as the invisible part!
for some reason
we are all convinced
that we are something else

this is just basic metaphysics and completely logical
but it requires a deeper subjectivity
in order to be aware of it

a subjectivity very few seem to hone
by virtue of being very busy with other things

or by virtue of being very convinced
they’re not the invisible part

either way

that is most of the people I know
beyond the shadow of a doubt
they are not
the invisible part

but it has been talked about for thousands of years

do you have it?

the ability within your own consciousness
to be aware of consciousness as being prior to everything else?
even your thoughts?

can you feel the powerful presence of life within you,
giving rise to you? can you tell that this presence
is in fact what you call you?

can you personally do that?

because that is the trick

with the correct sense of self awareness
it should be immediately obvious

you are not the corpse
you are the invisible part


try it right now

are you aware that prior to all the processing going on in your mind in order to read this

the invisible part is at home
alive and well inside your body
and running everything?

that’s the subjectivity challenge when it comes to spirit

you have to meet your self

it is not a location in the physical world
it is not a story you have to believe
its not something you can learn
its not something that happened some other time

without warning
the awareness just simply and quietly
as you

and now you can do all the thinking
creating and loving
that you want

and it is all because of the invisible part

take any action in partnership with the invisible
and it means more

of this one thing
be sure

I got this big step back in perspective
from the eclipse chasing
and it is something I love to challenge people to try

what is it about you that is present at this page to do the reading?

it is you. it is your spirit. it is you. one and the same.

you are the universe in its conscious form. the presence of a person. the invisible part.

the only important part about you

or are you just aware of your thoughts in your mind?
are you just considering what I’m suggesting?

spirit is not that
it is prior to that

if your identity is stuck at the thinking part
then you are late to the party

by the time you’ve thought about it,
it is too late

and this doesn’t have to be mystical

believe me when I say
you don’t have to believe in this

your simple consciousness
arguably the most basic thing in your life
is the only thing you need
to explore the fundamental mystery of the universe
on your own

it is you coming to terms with your life. not the story of your life.
just your life. the life you have been given that the body is enjoying at this moment.
your spirit is what is occupying your body allowing you to read this. corpses don’t read.

the invisible part does the reading

a formless presence in an infinite universe
experiencing itself as you

it is almost poetry now

but art works better than words
when it comes to the invisible part

words can sometimes sound like religion
and we have already decided about religion
so we turn off
but your spirit has nothing to do with religion
religion and corn flakes are the same
to your spirit

the spirit does dwell within you
whether you like the way that sounds or not
and in truth
you dwell within it
it is you

it always amazes me that more people are not aware of this
have not noticed this by now

the formless presence fuels all the dynamics of life that you enjoy about yourself
the presence of life within you IS the the thinker
the lover, the knower, the breather, the reader
that you refer to
as your self

the spirit IS the self
the invisible part IS you

this is the subjectivity challenge
you feel it
it is knowingness
not knowledge

it is a totally private matter
and no one except you can judge how that is going

without warning
the awareness just simply and quietly
as you

Feeling the truth about the invisible part
is less something you achieve and more something you let go of
and that is your identity as a mind only – as a stream of thoughts
Most of us have invested 100% of our identity in our thoughts about ourselves
the ongoing ‘story of me’
But the story of me can not get up and go make a sandwich and you can.
So there is a difference. One exists in time and one exists right now.
There is a difference. The invisible part makes the sandwich.

Think about that
Any thought you can think about yourself
is in fact
not you

sentences like this are why
people don’t like metaphysics

you have to be able to experience your own consciousness as being prior to your body and your mind
not a result of them

a shift in identity to embrace the invisible part first
and the story of me second

a simple change of occupancy

get past the really easy idea that
your body created the consciousness that you have
because it didn’t

your body just comes along for a while
then it goes away

there is still spirit

the same one that had you
the same one that had Mozart

get used to it

and don’t listen to me

recognize it as such

you are the invisible part
and you always will be

try seeing THAT in the eyes
of the next person you look at

See where we are chasing eclipses next.

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