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For almost three decades I have travelled the world to stand in the shadow of the Moon – to witness Nature’s most sublime vision – a Total Eclipse of the Sun. This sustained and intimate contact with the cosmos has completely transformed my identity – expanding my awareness beyond the confines of my ego-encapsulated sense of self to include the very fundamental forces of the universe that both invite and sustain our lives. The stunning universality of the lessons I have learned echo the world’s wisdom traditions and reflect deep aspects of physics, literature, art and psychology. I believe Peak Experience on this scale can be a catalyst for the higher consciousness and personal growth that necessarily propels any human story.

“When the shadow of the Moon sweeps over us, we are brought into direct contact with a tangible presence that is awe-inspiring.  That there is a powerful relationship between us and the immense forces of the universe becomes undeniable.”

What possible relationship could I have to the universe?  How could it make a difference in my life?

“With breathtaking film and video captured around the world at eclipse events, Makepeace takes us on a tour of our world and our solar system – widening the perspective on our lives as only an eclipse chaser can.  Discover how the simple beauty and mystery of our world can open the door to a greater awareness of what we are and our place in the universe.”

Tailored Talks and Workshops across a spectrum of inquiry

Peak Experience

Realization of Interconnectedness

Metaphysics of Identity

Phenomenon of Eclipse Chasing

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Pitchman For The Universe Orientation Video

Media from the Great American Eclipse on August 21, 2017

Understanding Ourselves in an Epic Universe – TEDx Toronto

Fox News Radio.  A fascinating dialogue with Michelle Pollino about the transformative power of eclipses and the history of eclipses in film and pop culture. Listen to the podcast! 25 min.

“Eclipse Chaser” David Makepeace: Seeing an Eclipse is a Life-Changing Revelation

Additional Media



dave talks at TED again

Tailored Talks and Workshops across a spectrum of inquiry

Peak Experience

Realization of Interconnectedness

Metaphysics of Identity

Phenomenon of Eclipse Chasing


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2 responses to “Pitchman For The Universe

  1. Hi David:

    Just thought you’d be intrigued to learn that a week from this Saturday, on 31 March, I shall also be rendering a “TEDx Eclipse Talk” here in Southern California, in the Thousand Oaks area of LA….

    I’ve watched your presentation from 2009 any number of times, to get some ideas and also some inspiration as to how to craft my talk….

    I can only hope to come anywhere close to the production values and crispness of the talk you gave in 2009, but I shall try…

    Good luck and keep chasing the shadow.

    Clear skies,

    Joel Harris
    Westlake Village, CA USA

  2. Hey Eclipse Chaser!

    I just stumbled upon your website while searching for Eclipse chasers. I’m Canadian too.

    I’m wondering…are you coming to Cairns, Queensland in Australia this November to view the Total Solar Eclipse on Nov 14?

    I’m part of the organizing team putting on the Eclipse 2012 Festival. It’s a 7-day music, arts, and lifestyle festival taking place when the Total Solar Eclipse hits the skies of far north Queensland. We have local and international festival organisers teaming up to present 6 stages of music during the event including Rainbow Serpent Festival, Shine On, Island Vibe, Symbiosis Gathering (USA), Glade Festival (UK), and Mother (Japan)….plus more than 20 partnered labels and festival crews. Music genres include reggae, dub, electronic, gypsy, etc.

    It’s a pretty unique event to hit Australia….a collaboration of crews and artists from around the world to view the natural wonder of an eclipse. We will also have a full arts program, a kids space, performance, workshops, free massage and healing, indigenous ceremony, dance, and more. We have thousands of Eclipse Chasers coming to join us from all corners of the globe to celebrate this beautiful celestial event!

    If you were to be in the region during this time, I would love to invite you to come and check out the festival, even for a day or two! We also have a full panel of Guest Speakers, and if you were interested I’d love to invite you to come and do a presentation. I see you’re a Burner 😉 I think you’d fit in perfectly.

    Let me know what you think and if you get a chance, here is our website http://www.eclipse2012.com


    Lisa Ariganello

    Instagram #eclipse2012
    Twitter @eclipse2012fest

    Music, Arts & Healing Festival in Far North Queensland, Australia
    November 10-16, 2012

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