Eclipses Invade My Life

If there is any big story arc in your life you should be seeing it all around you.  We all have one.  Evidence of your deep self should become obvious to you as you go along – in all those amazing subtle ways that it does – and by following what that is you can’t go wrong in life.

At some point you have to find out who you are and this is one of the ways.  You have to start being aware of the connectors – the archetypes in your life – the recurring themes and images and symbols – the synchronicity swirling all around – and then don’t get off that path. Because this stuff is more you than anything you may have thought up.

One of my big connectors is eclipses. The stunning image of totality in its brilliant complexity and simplicity has imprinted itself upon my conscious and sub-conscious world.  For over two decades now!  I am drawn towards it, and it appears it is drawn to me.

I see totality images and symbols and reflections in all aspects of my life, no matter where I am.  Other people don’t!  What is this synchronistic relationship we seem to have with things we focus on?  How does this work?  How does my attention on eclipses make eclipses pay attention to me?

Are events coming from the outside – or is my life shaped from within?


Am I causing my own experiences or is it all given?

Pink Floyd definitely mulled over these ideas more than once!  This is perhaps one of my many connections to the iconic rock band.  I’ve been a huge fan for years – the Floyd album Dark Side Of The Moon has all the great eclipse metaphors and their music has always been transcendent to say the least!  I’ve followed singer and lead guitar player David Gilmour for longer than I have been chasing eclipses and his influence and the presence of Floyd throughout my life has created a deep sutra or bond between these two things – as any of my friends will attest!  And I can’t tell the difference between them anymore!

In March 2016, I saw a total eclipse in Indonesia – spectacular – the firey corona emblazoned upon my mind.  When I landed back home I walked straight into two nights of David Gilmour live in Toronto!  And the two experiences were eerily connected!

The lighting and stage design is all charged with eclipse dynamics … !


Real eclipse below …


Gilmour’s stage show …!


Real eclipse!


Stage show …


Check out the awesome video clip – eclipses inside eclipses!!

Eclipse Synchronicity from eclipseguy on Vimeo.

Wow.  It’s uncanny how eclipses invade my life!  It was freaky seeing this highly personal symbol –  aimed right at me – charged full of meaning and context  – pulsating down on a crowd of  23 000 to my favourite music!  “Hey, that’s me!” I thought.  I have seen lots of live Floyd, and they have always used the circular screens, but it has never come together like this before.  You can’t imagine the power of the concert coming so close together with the eclipse with the same profundity and force! The powerful sense of deep subjective meaning flowing simultaneously from inside and out at both events – WOW!  A bonafide natural high and custom made!

I was ecstatic at the eclipse and ecstatic at moments of the show.  I took away something that nobody else in the audience could. The synchronicity of that for me personally is amazing. I need never wonder if I have been doing the right thing all these years – its obvious. And the sense that I belong in my own life as a result is remarkable.

Where you feel the deepest connection to things is definitely where your attention should be.  The dividing line between the inside and the outside world has never been fuzzier – and I’ve never been clearer about that.    

Thanks Mr. Gilmour!

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