Total Eclipse in 2012


I guarantee you that there are no veteran eclipse chasers spending time worrying about the end of the world in December 2012.  That’s because we have a very important meeting in November.  A meeting with the Solar System.  A Total Solar Eclipse is the most spectacular natural event that you can witness from Earth.  And not even the Mayans can mess that up!

Here we go again:


The dark blue line is the path of the Total Eclipse 13 November 2012.

It’s very common for the Moon’s shadow to cross lots of ocean and hardly any land. After all, the Earth is mostly water. But this is only a bonus for whales and the odd albatross – not eclipse chasers! Marine expeditions are tough and expensive, and almost totally out of reach. But the Universe does frequently open a crack in the door so we can look through, and this year the light shines on Australia.


You can see the sun’s corona for a few minutes – at sunrise – from a tiny patch of land in the northeast.


Thousands of chasers from around the globe will fill up the streets and marinas and beaches between Port Douglas and Cairns.

We all saw a mind-bogglingly-beautiful sunset eclipse in the middle of the Outback in 2002, and we are thrilled to be returning for a morning eclipse on the ocean. A complimentary pairing of Auzzy eclipses to be sure. While the desert eclipse was adventure travel at its best: remote – arduous – extreme – the ocean eclipse is the opposite – local – luxurious – relaxed – falling among a handful of upscale, coastal villages that thrive from tourism and proximity to the Great Barrier Reef.


This is Tropical Havens – south of Port Douglas.  Eclipse chasing in style!  For once!!

It’s hard to tell from overhead – but this cluster of villas is one of the sweet spots in the Universe! On eclipse morning, all we have to do is get up – put the coffee on – and walk outside.   The eclipse comes to our beachfront!  There are 8 of us in my villa – some who have never seen an eclipse before, and some I have covered the globe with already.  In the days around the eclipse, we’ll snorkel the Reef, hike the rainforest, and kickback Queensland style!  And … do I hear New Zealand calling?

Never seen an eclipse?  Wanna live for once?  It’s not too late.  Contact me now so you don’t waste your life doing the same old thing.


Totality in the Outback 04 December 2002


3 responses to “Total Eclipse in 2012

  1. Magnificent videos on Vimeo and such an inspiring website! Well done your villa on the Beach. That is such a great idea. It is the dream.

    I will be on a beach somewhere nearby. If I see you I will come and say Hi.

    This is my second Total Solar Eclipse. The first in 1976, Melbourne Australia. As kids we were not allowed to look at it. Now it is time to see it for real.

    Thanks again for a great website and inspiring words.

    See you on the beaches. Ronb

  2. I’ll be on a dive boat run by Pro Dive Cairns at Thetford, Millin, or Flynn Reefs (all within 6 seconds of the max eclipse time, already checked!). Hopefully we get lucky with weather!

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