The Misty Eclipse!

Preliminary Report – Total Eclipse of 22 July 2009.  FULL report still pending….

“Misty Eclipse” Video Posted Here.

The second total eclipse in China in as many years was a much better experience than the first!  But still, we were plagued with bad weather on eclipse day. Across eastern China, thousands of chasers pulled all-nighters and bit their nails down to the skin watching the satellite images cast doom and gloom on our hopes of clear skies. Just hours before the eclipse began, I decided there was no clear advantage to running, and we stayed at Naked Retreats in Moganshan to try our luck. And while Shanghai was drenched with rain, and other “best sites” were completely clouded out, we experienced one of the most dramatic eclipses of the last 20 years. Through blankets of rolling mist and fog we caught multiple glimpses of totality through holes in the sky. The video is awesome! Just goes to show that while clear skies is what you hope for, nature will always surprize you with its wonders. Not what I was expecting – but completely satisfied.

Watch the new video!

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  1. hey david been checking your site since the ozzy desert party yeehaa
    we had a party posse hit shengsi island off shanghai about 60 of us all kitted out to party well full suspense with it raining an hour before first contact but turning into broken mist for 2nd contact and we got it luckily with 5mins 54secs we had time to see it pop in and out we are making a little hd film from our trip so keep you posted it should be pretty funny stuff we were with a mad bunch hope you well mate take it easy peace and love antony

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