Success at 37,000 ft. above the North Sea!

Read the Trip Report here.

Here is the first look at our successful observation of the Total Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 from our Air Berlin 737 high above the North Sea.  We are all very happy!  This was an incredibly exciting chase and my first from the air.  My 21st eclipse!  Short film in the works!



tse 2015 web 600

The beginning of totality and the Diamond Ring.


The stunning sight of the Moon’s shadow sweeping down from space and crossing the Earth.
Ice crystals on the window!




Gorgeous wide shot of mid-totality from Chris Malicki. Surreal view!

And watch the Moon’s shadow race across the North Sea in this satellite animation …

5 responses to “Success at 37,000 ft. above the North Sea!

  1. Well done David – what a way to see your 21st eclipse.
    Sadly I wasn’t there to see this eclipse but perhaps 2016 will see me chasing my 4th! Still a long way to catch up on your tally.
    All the best

  2. Great that the eclipse flight worked out for you. Thanks for posting the pictures, as well as the Meteostat video. I saw an almost total 99.6% eclipse that day from Hofn, Iceland, not as good as total, but a good eclipse none the less.

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