Next Eclipse Chase Indonesia March 2016

After the outstanding views of the Moon’s shadow racing across the Earth that I witnessed from a Boeing 737 above the Norwegian Sea in March 2015, I’ve been dying to get back into totality.  The next total solar eclipse is in March 2016, and I am headed to an active volcano island called Ternate in Indonesia.



I will be travelling on my own – with a couple of friends – but thousands of rabid eclipse chasers will be descending upon the islands of Indonesia that lie in the path of totality this March.


How great is this?!  Most of that is actually steam!  And the volcano has been active recently and the threat continues to be an issue for chasers.  There is a community of several hundred thousand living along the coast of the island and you can easily get a flight from Jakarta.  This will undoubtedly be an experience like no other!

Tired of the razor-thin superficiality of your existence? All done with fatty foods, long term debt and reality tv?  Ready to break out and connect with something bigger, something real? Come eclipse chasing right now. You won’t regret it.

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3 responses to “Next Eclipse Chase Indonesia March 2016

  1. Hi Dave,
    Just watched the Libya Eclipse short film, brought back some great memories.
    Best of luck in Indonesia for the eclipse coming up shortly. I hope the volcano isn’t too cranky.
    Jeff Zambory

  2. Hi Mr. David I’m living in ternate also, welcome to ternate and I hope you will experience a beautiful eclipse here in ternate.

    Best regard


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