NASA Live Stream of Today’s Total Solar Eclipse

Watch here with commentary for the eclipse between 4pm and 5pm EDT.


2 responses to “NASA Live Stream of Today’s Total Solar Eclipse

  1. Hi again,
    Well, my big South America trip couldn’t happen for obvious reasons. I cancelled ten nights in the Pucon Lakes region. And as you gently suggested in your kind rely last time we corresponded, I would have been on the wrong side of the Andes anyway–the livestream from Mt. Villaricca was a washout! Looks like your cruise couldn’t happen, either. Antarctica this year?–probably not.
    So in 2024 it comes to me (though Erie is a long way from my home near Harrisburg, and I don’t trust it in April). Looks like long durations of totality from Central America up into the Southwest and maybe Midwest (4 mins +), so I’m starting to plan now. I guess picking a place with good north-south mobility as the weather comes into focus may be the best bet.
    Have you started planning yet? Where do you like?
    Good luck and be well,

  2. Hi Paul
    I still hope to make it to this year’s eclipse in Antarctica – booked as a speaker with the same ship that had to cancel in 2020. I think it will happen. I hope to convince them to run another marine expedition for 2024 as well – up the coast of Mexico on the Pacific side – best weather prospects. If not, I will rent an RV – like we did in 2017 – and observe from southern Texas or northern Mexico. Totality is 99%+ at my house in Toronto – would be easy to drive into the path – but I agree with you in that April is far too risky around here. Plus the prospect of about 4 min and 30 sec. of totality is just too good to ignore!

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