I Am Going To Wyoming For The Eclipse!

I knew years ago that I wanted to do a road trip for the eclipse in 2017.  Enough of the remote islands, ice continents, and great sand seas … let’s just drive!  America is great for ground level travel with a comprehensive system of roads and highways that connect everywhere to everywhere else.  Me and 14 of my closest friends will pick up RVs in Idaho Falls and drive into Yellowstone for some hiking and cruise through the Grand Tetons in the lower Rockies en route to the Riverton area.  With the clear skies and open terrain of this region, it’s a favourite pick for chasers looking to maximize their chance of seeing the eclipse.  There will be thousands of us on the ground from the Idaho border in the west to Casper and Douglas in the east. My exact observing location?  I’ll let you know the day before!  Where will you go?

The Path of Sublime Vision through the great state of Wyoming – Monday August 21, 2017.

7 responses to “I Am Going To Wyoming For The Eclipse!

  1. Eclipse Guy,

    You have made a great choice. I have lived in Riverton all my life and this is going to be a great spot to see the Eclipse. Historically we should have clear sky’s that morning. If you need any advice from a local I can help you out.

  2. Eclipse Guy,

    I am in Oregon and plan on making the most of this once in a lifetime event. I have several options but was thinking of hitting up the mountains. Would the view be better at 7,000 ft up? Or does it matter that much? I am for sure planning on being to the east so the cloud cover risk is to a minimum. Thank you for you website and your time.

  3. Hi Eclipse Guy,

    A friend who knows I’m really into this kind of stuff sent me a link to your fun site. I thought I was getting an early start when I made a hotel reservation over a year ago in Cheyenne. NOT!! We live in Colorado and will be driving to Cheyenne the day before; then in the morning before the fun starts we will drive to Glendo, WY, which is a little east of Douglas. I had been hoping to go to Casper where it looks like it’ll be one big international party, but I’d probably have needed to make a hotel reservation at least another year earlier. So Glendo it is, unless the radar map shows we should go somewhere else that morning.

  4. Eclipse Guy,

    Unfortunately I am sure we will still have plenty of smoke, but at this point in time I’m pretty sure we will have clear sky’s. Have you seen an eclipse through smoky sky’s before? Also we have a 13 mile long canyon, 2500 feet deep that will have 2 min of totality on the south end. I drive through this canyon most every work day and the sun will be positioned right over head the entire length. Have you watched an eclipse in a canyon?

  5. I’ve had clouds and mist for eclipses in the past but not smoke! I hope we can avoid this situation. I spoke with a store owner in Riverton yesterday and she said the smoke was not overhead. Fingers crossed for clear skies across America!

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