After a Long and Gruelling Hiatus

Well – it has been a dark time for this eclipse chaser.  The pandemic killed my last few planned expeditions – one to Chile in 2020, and one back to Antarctica in 2021 – and I have sat at home, waiting out the pandemic – in lockdown or near lockdown for far too long.  But as the darkness begins to fade – there is light on the horizon.  With an Annular Eclipse coming to America in October 2023 – and a terrifically long Total Eclipse coming to North America in April 2024 – I can finally begin to make plans to be back where I long to be – chasing eclipses.

Path of Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024


The next TSE comes in April 2024 and skims my house in Toronto so close it could take the roof off.  But no totality!  My dream of sitting at home as totality arrives on my deck is yet to be realized. I will have to chase this one as I have all the others.  But at least it is nearby.  Best weather looks to be in either Mexico or Texas – both just a short plane ride away.  Plans have yet to be confirmed but I will definitely chase this one no matter what happens. My last chase was in 2017.  It will have been 7 years between eclipses – the longest drought I have ever had to endure since I began all this in 1991.  The pandemic has taken a great deal from a lot of people – so missing a few eclipses doesn’t quite compare to the losses suffered by so many.  But nothing will keep me out of the shadow come April 2024.

I will post news, videos and trip information in the coming months on the dedicated Eclipse 2024 page on this site.  Why not come along for the ride?

2 responses to “After a Long and Gruelling Hiatus

  1. I was at Kingston, Ontario Canada for this one… I decided on Thursday that the weather was going to be better than in Hamilton… lessson learned, do not day plans until the day of the eclipse! But I wa able to watch totality! It was amazing!!!! Where is the next one? LOL

  2. We were in Mazatlán for the April 8, 2024 totality eclipse, it was my 1st totality eclipse, one of the best things I’ve ever seen. Was there with 13 family members. Such a great time, we travelled from Kamloops, Kelowna, and Edmonton. It was a pleasure to meet you David on the same beach in front of the hotel, our group was pretty much right beside yours.

    For those of you that haven’t witnessed a totality eclipse, you need to see one in your lifetime.

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