I Am Going To Wyoming For The Eclipse!

I knew years ago that I wanted to do a road trip for the eclipse in 2017.  Enough of the remote islands, ice continents, and great sand seas … let’s just drive!  America is great for ground level travel with a comprehensive system of roads and highways that connect everywhere to everywhere else.  Me and 14 of my closest friends will pick up RVs in Idaho Falls and drive into Yellowstone for some hiking and cruise through the Grand Tetons in the lower Rockies en route to the Riverton area.  With the clear skies and open terrain of this region, it’s a favourite pick for chasers looking to maximize their chance of seeing the eclipse.  There will be thousands of us on the ground from the Idaho border in the west to Casper and Douglas in the east. My exact observing location?  I’ll let you know the day before!  Where will you go?

The Path of Sublime Vision through the great state of Wyoming – Monday August 21, 2017.

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