Total Lunar Eclipse May 15 – Western Hemisphere

When you can’t chase a Total Solar Eclipse that is only visible from a tiny fraction of the Earth’s surface, why not opt for a nice Lunar Eclipse that is visible from the entire night side of the planet? I say yes!! Call the weather network – ask them for clear skies on Sunday evening – May 15, 2022 – and get outside about midnight to see one of Nature’s most elegant celestial plays.

This video – from NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio – shows the progressive phases of the event, with times for observers in Eastern Daylight Time. It is visible in most of the Americas, too.


Well, we were mostly clouded out for this one!  After a week of gorgeous spring weather, the clouds moved in as the Moon entered the Earth’s umbra.  A few pix here of the drama – and the water vapour in the air that hampered the observations and the photography!
















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