Part 1: Landing in Albuquerque

My 26th Solar Eclipse

My 5th Annular Eclipse Chase

We only spent a short time in Albuquerque but we got the only important thing done – hot air balloon ride! Just for fun, check out this short video compiled from a bunch of iPhone footage from our ascension at sunrise.

Part 2: Hiking Northern New Mexico

We drive from Albuquerque to the north part of New Mexico – near Lindrith – to a sprawling ranch property called Gavilan.  My friend Damon’s family has owned the land for generations and they happen to be perfectly situated in the path of the eclipse.  After a large and rather satisfying shop at Trader Joe’s (a real treat since we don’t have Trader Joe’s in Canada) we get settled in our cabin and spend a few days hiking the property and exploring the dry, dusty, rugged landscape.

Looking down to the adobe at Gavilan Ranch.


Rustic and comfy! May likes it …


So many great shots from this ranch – so little web space …


The landscape around Lindrith is rugged, exciting, challenging … terrific for day hikes.


Damon, our local, trusted guide! Damon hiked these ridges as a boy.


Just incredible rock formations, landscape features …

The Annular Eclipse team of October 2023!


Part 3: The Annular Eclipse at Gavilan

Damon and Dean putting the final touches on our homemade solar filters for the binoculars.


A gorgeous day for an eclipse!


One of the few eclipses where all I had to do was get up and sit on the lawn.


Ann-Marie enjoying the view from behind the mylar!


It’s not an eclipse without some ‘partial’ fun! The tiny spaces between the leaves on a tree cast mini eclipses all over the ground.


And the curtain in the bathroom does the same thing! My first eclipse on a toilet bowl! Love this.


After all these years, I am really taking eclipses to heart.


Watch this super short video and see what we saw from Gavilan on 14 October 2023!


Part 4: Post Eclipse in Taos


Post eclipse, May and I drive up through Santa Fe to Taos, the beautiful little town in the mountains. Don’t know why I loved the McDonalds sign so much.


Here, we get our first glimpse of the majestic Rio Grande and cross the gorge on the now-famous bridge…


And just outside of town, the also famous Earthship bio structures. Just amazing.  Too many shots to post …


Taos is so quaint and artsy. So many galleries and restaurants and adobes galore. Amazing food! Loved Taos.


The Taos Pueblo.  The original settlement in the area.


Driving back down to Albuquerque with the Rio Grande.

Feet in the Rio! We’ve been to New Mexico!


The shadow of the Moon is easily visible crossing the United States on 14 October 2023.

Only months after my outrageous chase to see the Total Eclipse in the southern Indian Ocean back in April, this annular eclipse made 2023 the best year since 2017 when I saw totality in Wyoming.  Years with no eclipses aren’t really worth remembering. Why don’t you join us for the next total eclipse in 2024?





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