Partial Solar Eclipse October 23, 2014


Map from Jay Anderson shows the magnitude of the partial eclipse from different locations.

I wouldn’t travel very far to see a partial solar eclipse, and this time I don’t have to!  Hopefully neither do you!  During a partial eclipse like this one, it doesn’t get dark and you don’t see the Sun’s corona or the other visual phenomena you get with a total eclipse.  But it’s still pretty cool to see the Moon eclipsing the Sun no matter what the circumstances.  If you can, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Here are a few great sources of information about this event: 

And check out my awesome video showing a partially eclipsed Sun setting in Arizona in 2012!  Your view of the October 23 eclipse might look a little bit like this …

Heavens On The Horizon from eclipseguy on Vimeo.

See how the shadow of the Moon creeps into the day side of the Earth during this event …


Wanna see one of the upcoming eclipses?  See my Eclipse Calendar here.

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