Letting Go Into Music

Nugget 114:  from my talk “Partnering With The Universe.”

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Spawned by the sublime experience of awe & beauty.  The sublime experience of love.  The undeniable experience of meaningfulness – which motivates all the most significant choices and relationships in our lives.

Music is one of those fabulously dynamic things in the relationship with the mysterious because it functions to transport you out of your mind and into the present moment with an almost total letting go of your falsely constructed sense of self.  When you listen to music – you are essentially aligning your being with the being of the person who created the music.  A message is being sent to you about yourself – through the music.

Lose yourself in music
– and find yourself there.

Music appeals directly to the mysterious part of you.  That’s why we let music represent us so fully the way we do.  Music shows us a part of ourselves – that is why we are so attached to our music – it helps us explore ourselves – our moods – our feelings.  Our subjective world is illustrated to us through music.  A strong testament to how connected we all are – how there is only one mystery embodied by all of life simultaneously.  This is the great oneness – the great soulfulness that connects each and every life.   The knowingness of all of this takes place instantaneously as we listen to music.  Completely in the moment – flowing effortlessly from the deepest part of the universe to the deepest part of yourself.    This is how music can carry you away from your mind – from the cares of the day – away from your concepts and closer to the mysterious you which only exists here, now – the absolutely everlasting you.  And  music has that effect – it touches your heart – it touches your soul – all because it comes from the now – inspired by the mystery – pulling on the mystery in you.  And from this, the knowingness flows, the belonging, the sense of comfort, familiarity – and these are all unmistakably signs of the soul.

Anything from this subtle realm – the mysterious now – always infers itself – reveals itself – getting  you to recognize that this is you also.  This is why these things I am describing are so critical to our lives.  They guide us towards a deeper reality about life.

Lose yourself in music
– and find yourself there.

And realize that it is consciousness itself that is creating the perception of music in the first place.  There is no “sound” traveling through the air.  Only thing in the air is vibration in an electromagnetic space.  Waves hit your eardrum and it vibrates – but there is still no sound yet.  Your ear takes the waves and turns them into electrochemical impulses that travel to the brain.  Still nothing makes a “sound.”  Inside the nerves – synapses are crossed by these traveling chemicals – sound potential actually jumps across empty space and gets turned into what you perceive as… Mozart.  Not until your consciousness takes it does the sound happen.  And it is not just your brain.  It is the empty space inside your brain.  Only here, in this quantum space,  have waves in the air reached their ultimate potential – landing on the door of the great decoder in an explosion of purpose – to deliver Mozart into your subjective experience of the moment.  Everything meaningful in your life happens the same way.

There is no definition for sound or vision outside of our perception of sound and vision, so, clearly, the perception is the thing.  Watch in your self.  Watch as your beautiful, built-in capability to perceive everything, instantaneously creates your experience of your world both inside and out – and give consciousness the credit for it.  (Grab that cup or mug off the table – grasp it in your hand.  Fully perceive it.  And ask yourself, outside of my perception of this – how do I know what exists?)

So even if there is no “romantic music” in the air after all, it all points to the inside anyway – where sound takes place – in your consciousness – which is where I am asking you to look for stuff about yourself – to sense within your self the things I am talking about.  Pay attention not out in the physicality of space and time that is being projected before you, but to the mysterious awareness that precedes it.

Lose yourself in music
– and find your Self there.

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