Eclipses I Never Saw


In retrospect, I wish I had gone to Chile in July 2019.  It’s winter in Chile in July – at least the wet season – and prospects for observing the eclipse in clear skies were not great.  But when I saw the results starting to pour in after the eclipse – my jaw dropped.  It was perfectly clear on eclipse day – and the eclipse was as spectacular as they come.


The TSE over La Silla Observatory in Chile – July 2, 2019

(Credit for this shot still outstanding! Please submit.)

Doh! Should have gone.  If I had known then what I know now – that this would be the last TSE before the pandemic shut everything down and would lead to the cancellation of my eclipse plans in 2020 and 2021 – I never would have missed it!

It’s not possible to fully express what it means to miss an event like this when you are addicted to totality.

Some of the video from this event is chilling –




Here is the eclipse path across the bottom of South America, courtesy NASA Visualization Studio:




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