In the 2011 episode “Partial Eclipse of the Heart” from the TV series “Being Human,” the writers employ a Total Eclipse of the Sun to super-charge the supernatural.  When the eclipse takes place – the characters are caught off guard – and the dead return to the earthly plane to confront the assailants that “shredded” them.

Following in the classic mythos of eclipses, as used in the 1986 film “Ladyhawke,” the few brief moments of totality creates an ethereal pocket in space and time where dearly departed lovers are given a final chance to reconnect, face to face, before facing eternity apart.

As far as treatments go, there is nothing much new here.  But the nod to the classical treatment has a lot of credibility in my opinion, and the computer-generated visuals of the celestial phenomena are first rate – especially when you take into account how poorly eclipses are usually depicted in film.  Kudos to the producers.

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